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Boomerang for August 24, 2022
Crete Rotary Club
Crete, NE 
This week we had the pleasure of hearing from Teresa Wissenberg, a 3rd grade teacher from Crete.  She's in her 25th year of teaching and has been at Crete since 2007.  She teaches Math, Science, and Social Studies, but she shared about how much the students enjoy their dictionaries!  There are some charts, maps, and other educational items in the back of the dictionaries she may reference during her lessons, but as a whole they use them a lot in their reading classes to look up words, definitions, and alphebetical order.  
It's so meaningful for many of the kids because this may be the first and only book they have of their very own!  They keep them at school  in their lockers so they always have it with them for class, but they can take it home at the end of the year.  Another reason why they have them kept at school is because if they student doesn't what it is or what to do with it, they likely won't use it.  
One of the members asked if the dictionaries are being replaced by technology, and the answer was a surprising no!  Teresa explained that there are certain things students to to their phones or tablets for--apps, videos, etc--but to learn how to spell a word or its definition, they still go to a book to find it.  In addition, at the intermediate school, phones aren't allowed in class, they must be kept in their lockers, so the students wouldn't use their phones anyway.  Thank you for sharing about the success of the dictionaries, Teresa!
In addition, here are some old/new business to be thinking about:
  • Grocery Grab: November 12th at 7:30am is when the drawing will be held.  The date to draw, could be November 2nd, please be thinking about the possibility of an extra meeting that week for the drawing.  There are several sponsor letters that still need delivered, Jack may be reaching out for help to deliver and ask businesses about sponsoring.  The tickets will be printed the week of Sept. 6, so we need a commitment by then.  Sponsors will get 1 free book of checks.
  • Potential Highway Cleanup: October 19th.  Please check your schedules
  • Potential Tree Planting: October 8 or 9.  Please check your schedules
  • The Crete Chamber is hosting the When Pigs Fly BBQ at the Airport on Saturday, August 27th from 6-10pm.  Tickets are $25.
  • Backpack Program Backpack Packing: October 9th from 5-6pm at the UCC church fellowship hall.
Last but not least, the VERY elusive Queen of Spades has been found!  It took a former District "Queen", Mary Garrison to do so :)  Mary walked away with a total of $313 dollars!  She wanted to make a $2 donation on behalf of every member of the club to Polio which is incredibly generous, thank you, Mary!