Rotary in March
Club members met on Feb. 24 at Veterans and Friends to discuss scholarships and this year's grocery grab.
Due to the need to fulfill the 2020 scholarships and lateness of the grocery grab in 2020 (held in November instead of April), our ability to pay out four scholarships ($750 each, $3,000 total) is not possible given the current accounts. Here are a few details to consider: 1) We will receive a refund of $700 from RYLA for students unable to attend. 2) Several members have expressed the need to keep scholarships current this year and give at least 2, others would like to give all 4 awards.
It was suggested to ask club members who are willing and able to contribute an amount they feel comfortable with toward this year's scholarships. Please contact Jim Johnson if you wish to contribute funds towards this effort ( or 402-826-0144) and we will take a final accounting of this effort at the next regular meeting on March 10.
We also talked about this year's grocery grab happening in early fall with a final day of ticket sales and drawing at the October Pumpkin Festival. We can send sponsor letters out now.
Jenn shared about a Crete Community Survey now accessible online. This survey is being conducted by the Crete Strategic Welcoming Committee, a sub-committee of the Crete Welcoming Circle, a group of community volunteers who's mission is to support and foster a welcoming city for everyone who calls Crete home. The Welcoming Circle provides a venue for community members and organizations where they discuss topics relevant to the community. A link for the survey can be found here.
We have a speaker via Zoom for the March 10 meeting. Crete Public Library Director Joy Stevenson will talk to the club about how the library adapted to the pandemic situation to serve library patrons using online reservations for materials, the new library's drive-up window and how they sanitized materials. Joy is also a member of the Welcoming Circle conducting the survey.
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Reg. Meeting @VFW: Crete Library director’s update
Mar 10, 2021
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Reg. Meeting @VFW: Bob Muckel’s wildlife photos
Mar 24, 2021
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
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