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Sep 12, 2018
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Sep 15, 2018
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Sep 26, 2018
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Crete Rotary Club
Crete, NE
Sharon Crouse spoke to us about the Crete Backpack program on Wednesday.  It's been in existence since 2008, and it's sponsored by the UCC Church.  They provide one "menu" a week to all four schools, and St. James.  It has grown to 110 meals provided per week from 50 in 2008--that makes it the largest backpack program in the rural market.  There are a total of six menus the program rotates through.  Food is purchased from the Lincoln food bank who purchases it in bulk.  It's unloaded by a Doane Fraternity, and six times a year, volunteers (along with the same Doane Fraternity) package the menus.  Some menus also come with a "voucher" for free grocery items like eggs, milk, or bread or tortillas.  School administrators determine who gets the meals, and it's a tough decision because of the great need. 
The program relies on donations from businesses and fundraisers for funding.  For more information visit the website: or email Marti Williams at:
Additionally, we inducted a new member to our ranks: Marilea Thiem.  She was warmly welcomed at the meeting, but also at our very first work day last Saturday on the concession stand.  10 members helped to remove the shingles, replaced the flashing, and replaced the roof with tar paper.  On Wednesday (September 12), we will work to shingle the roof, remove the panels around the building, replacing them and painting.  Members will be there starting at noon, and more attending at 5.  District Governor Julie will also attend, coming into Crete around 2:30-3.  She's eager to get to work!
This week, we have the fire department appreciation at 5:30 pm on September 11th.  Food is provided by the Brewhouse, desserts are provided by Chris and Judy.  Come show your appreciation!  On September 15th, we will be helping serve concessions at a concert at the youth cabin.  If you haven't signed up for either the 4:40-6:45 or 6:45-9 shift, let me know!
Pictured: New member Marilea Thiem
Pictured: Sharon Crouse, Crete Backpack Program