Crete Rotary Club
Crete, NE
This week, we heard from Mike Smith, new middle school Teammates coordinator!  They are in desperate need of mentors, so he urges anyone who may have an inkling of a desire to mentor, to please reach out to either him or Zoe (high school coordinator).  The program started in 1999 with 22 UNL football players mentoring high school students.  It's taken off to be in more than 5 states, 192 chapters, and 10,000 students!  Crete has had their program for 22 years, with 16 current matches in the middle school, and 38 students in the high school (as of May 2022, of those numbers 8 MS matches are going to the high school, and 12 HS students graduated).  To speak to the success of the program, every mentee has graduated since the beginning of Crete's program.
The time commitment is 30-60 minutes once a week either before school, during lunch, or after school and the mentor just has to listen to their mentee.  The mentee chooses the activity and what they want to talk about.  The role of the mentor is to be a consistent, positive, adult role model that isn't their parent.  There is an interview process for the mentor and mentee to determine a good match, and they do ask you stay together if possible until graduation.  It's an incredibly rewarding experience, so please reach out if you're remotely interested.  Thank you for sharing, Mike!
Some other items to note is the club voting to increase yearly dues starting July 2022 from $130 to $160 (or $80 per half year).  Members who paid yearly dues on or before 7/27/22 will not be asked to pay the new rate.  Members who paid for the first half ($65), will not be asked to pay additional until January 2023--then $80 will be due.  If you have questions, please reach out to either Jim Johnson or Jack Thompson.  
Our District Governor, Barbara Bartle, will be visiting our club on August 10th.  Please make a point to attend this meeting to hear her speak and introduce yourself.  The meal will be a potluck meal and there are still opportunities to bring a side dish (greatest need), salad, main dish, or dessert.  Please email Jack Thompson ( if you're able to contribute to any of those dish requests.  Please expect around 20 in attendance.