Crete Rotary Club
Crete, NE
Our next meeting will be July 13th where Jack Thompson will share some information about his upcoming year!  Food will be served at the meeting, we are still looking for a food coordinator.  You will be asked to get a headcount of the members eating and let Mike at the VFW know (a list of email addresses and contact info for Mike will be provided).  Please email Jack Thompson if you'd like to coordinate meals (
If you'd like to be involved in the decorating/creating of the Rotary float, please email Janelle for details on where to meet (  We've tentatively set dates of the evening of July 12th and morning of July 15th to work on the float.  If you'd like to ride in the parade, please email Janelle and more details will be provided on when and where we will meet to start the float.
July 14th is the lap counting, ticket taking, and beer garden.  Thank you to those who have signed up.  If you need to be reminded on when you've volunteered (or would like to still sign up), please email Janelle.  Recycling will begin at 6:30 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the fair.  We will be meeting at Tuxedo park around the arenas those days.  You can either email Janelle or just show up to help!  The more the merrier!
Have a happy and safe 4th of July everyone!