Crete Rotary Club
Crete, Nebraska
This week we heard from BT Kracl, coordinator for the First Flight program in Crete.  First Flight aims to make youth sports accessible to all students regardless of skill, abilities, and background.  Right now their programs include basketball, soccer, track, baseball, softball, volleyball and football.  Their program aims to fill in the gaps between other programs existing in Crete while focusing on the fun and fundamentals of youth sports.  First Flight takes the cost, travel, and time investment out of sports while still allowing youth to develop new skills like teamwork, communication, coachability, work ethic, time management, and critical thinking.
Some of their challenges include getting coaches and facilities to practice.  Coaches don't need to be experts, they just need to know the basics, encourage the youth and be a positive role model.  All coaches need to apply and pass a background check, commit to 2 hours a week and a desire to work with kids.  
If you're interested in coaching or have an interested child, please contact BT with Crete Public Schools to get involved. Thank you for sharing with us, BT.
Other meeting notes: We discussed the district's new program to encourage each club in the district to nominate one person from their community that best exhibits involvement in community service. It is going to be called the "Golden Wheel Award" and the winning nominee will be recognized at the District Convention this spring. There was interest from the club into further exploring our involvement in the program. You can read more about it at the district's website. 
Also we decided to organize a "pot luck" meal for the Governor's visit on November 30th. A signup sheet was circulated at the meeting and we will be sending out additional email signup opportunities for members not at the meeting.
Saturday morning we held the Grocery Grab shopping spree at Foodmart at 7:30 am. Sonia Corral did the shopping on behalf of Blue Valley Community Action. BVCA was the beneficiary of the generous decision of Pinnacle Bank to donate their winning raffle grand prize ticket. Final results of the Grocery Grab fundraising event for the club will be covered at the November 30th meeting.
Editor's Note: I, your club president, have taken over publishing the Boomerang. This is my first edition and there will be a learning curve. I appreciate your patience. I'd like to thank Janelle for handling this task for the last year plus. She did a wonderful job and also took the time to create a tutorial specific to our club that will help me, and editors to come, immensely. She will continue to take meeting notes and Jenn Lampila will continue to contribute meeting and project photos. Thanks guys!