Grocery grab tickets are now available from Jim Johnson. Members also started distributing tickets to the 14 sponsors, who each receive 1 book (10 tickets). Sponsor ticket stubs will need to be picked up prior to the ticket drawing on Tuesday, April 7. Our grocery grab promo video is now on the club facebook page:
The club has an opportunity for space in the March 11 Community Page of The Crete News to talk about the grocery grab, club activities and history, as well as to show photos. We will go over this information at Tuesday's meeting (March 3) at The Brew House.

RYLA update: Shay Smith's son, Kaidan, will attend from our club and we were also offered two additional spots for students. Judy and Geoff interviewed four Crete High School students and will have an update on Tuesday. We are excited there is so much interest in this great Rotary program.

The last two meetings have been an opportunity to brainstorm and talk about club goals, however there is still more to discuss and time for members to contribute to this ongoing discussion. 
Club members are asked to continue pondering these items:
  • Favorite Rotary project - past or present - why
  • Something you want to learn about Rotary International
  • Something you want to learn about Crete Rotary
  • Meeting ideas:
    • A project you want the club to tackle/assist 
    • Local/area organization you want to learn more about
    • A place you want to visit
  • 2 grant project ideas
  • 2 people you would invite to a meeting
  • 5 people you could sell grocery grab tickets

The weekly drawing continues to grow as the Queen of Spades has yet to be found. Best of luck to members this week.