Crete Rotary Club
Crete, NE
This week, we had the pleasure of hearing from Stephanie Roth, Wellness coach and Director of the Wellness Program at CAMC.  She worked in Radiology for 21.5 years, then went on to be a health coach which she's been doing for 5 years.  Not only does she focus on healthy eating and exercise, but all around health including the areas of stress, sleep, and time management.  
In addition, she has written a book titled Grief Done Differently where she chronicles losing her young son, Trevin, at 14 and how she overcame it.  The day after the funeral, she was given a journal.  She was never one to journal and at first did not see the benefits.  Little by little, however, she began writing more consistently and that's what transformed her way of thinking the most.  As stated in her presentation, she can't explain it and doesn't understand it, but somehow writing those words down--the good, bad, and ugly--helps.  Sometimes by the end of it, her questions get answered, sometimes, they don't.  But getting those thoughts out on the page really helps her.  
She began asking others about how to deal with grief, searching the internet for a guide book, and nothing came up that was quite what she was looking for.  So, she wrote her own book on things that have helped her.  The book doesn't just deal with the loss of a person, it touches on loss in general: a job, a marriage, a friend, etc.  It's a well-rounded, faith-based guide for "dealing with the worst to become your best".  She stated she knew she needed to make a decision to heal, and then find a motivating factor.  This came in the form of her younger son, Tyler.  He was what motivated her to just keep going and do something.  
It wasn't easy, and she admitted there were times where she's cried "ugly" tears even years later, but she says those times were when she was planting the seeds and now she's in a place she can say "how awesome is it that I get to live this life?"  Thank you for sharing your story, Stephanie!
Pictured: Stephanie Roth, Stephanie's mother Kathy, and Julie Lacy
In addition, please reach out to Janelle ( to sign up for fair events.  We need help with lap counting 7/14 7pm to finish, Recycling the 15-17 at 6:30am, Creating and Decorating the Rotary Parade Float (times TBD, reach out if you're interested), riding on the float during the parade, 7/16 at 12:30-2pm.
Next weekend, the BRAC/CYC is hosting a concert at the youth cabin we need volunteers for.  If you can help with parking fro 4:30-6:30 on 7/1, please reach out to Tom Parker ( 
Lastly, 7/1-7/3, DeWitt is hosting their DeWitt days!  A schedule of events will be emailed early next week.  Mary Garrison is on the planning committee and would love to see some Rotary friends if you can make it!