Crete Rotary Club's 2022 Tree Planting Grant Project is Completed!
In the fall of 2022 Crete Rotary Club applied for, and received, a matching grant from our Rotary District to purchase and plant seven 12' to 14' tall trees in 4 of Crete's city parks.  The tree species were Red Oak, White Oak and Sugar Maple. Four trees were planted at Rotary Park and one each at the Dog Park, Tuxedo Park and North Ward Park.
The total grant amount was $2,000 which went to the purchase of the trees and various other materials needed to complete the project.  All of the labor was supplied by Rotary Club members along with help and guidance of one Crete City Parks employee. Funds for our club's one-half of the matching grant was raised through our "Grocery Grab Raffle Ticket" event this fall. The planting of the trees aligns with one of Rotary International's missions of improving the quality of our air and water and slowing the increase in global warming. Crete Rotary is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year!