Crete Rotary Club Completes 2023 Grant Project!
For the last several years the Crete Rotary club has chosen to participate in our Rotary district's annual grant project program. this program allows each club to apply to the district for a matching grant. The application criteria requires that the project we propose will benefit our local community. It also stipulates that the project support one or more of Rotary's areas of focus. These would include critical items like clean air and water, mental health, children's health and education and empowerment of women.
For instance, last year (2022) our grant project was to purchase and plant seven mature trees in four of Crete's parks. This year the club voted to support early childhood education by partnering with the Crete Public School's Sixpence program to purchase over $2,000 of educational tool and books for at risk young children and parents in the Crete area. 
From the Sixpence Website:
The Sixpence Program is designed to provide parents and soon to be parents the opportunity to bond and develop strong relationships with their child, learn to be their child's first teacher, promote learning within the home environment and encourage and support curiosity within the child's play. Sixpence will serve as a resource for support.
Any pregnant woman or parent who has a child under the age of one year and lives within the Crete Public School district is eligible for the Sixpence Program.
The Sixpence Program supports parents by providing monthly books for the baby/child, baby supplies, opportunities to meet and socialize with other parents in the community, and other services to meet the family's needs.
Services include:
  1. Home visits
  2. Monthly support groups
  3. Developmental screenings for babies
  4. Parenting
  5. Activities to do with your child
  6. Supporting parents to stay on top of well child checks, immunizations and keeping appointments.
The funds used for the purchases were raised by the club in our annual Grocery Grab Shopping Spree fundraiser.
Pictured are Sixpence staff: Katie Bevins, Yecenia Luna Rodriguez, Danielle Drevo and Lorena Mendez with a sampling of the educational materials they were able to purchase with Rotary's help. Thank you!